Four Feathers

A Film Review By Jason L. King

Starring: Wes Bently, Kate Hudson and Heath Ledger
Directed By: Shekhar Kapur
Rated: Rated PG-13 for intense battle sequences, disturbing images, violence and some sensuality

Final Grade:

Not being a fan of Heath Ledger or Wes Bently I can honestly say the trailers for this film did not look that entertaining to me. In fact they looked down right awful. I was about to put this movie on my list of movies I have no desire to see, but someone forced me to go. So on a Saturday night, my girlfriend and one of my Co-workers became rebels, snuck into a movie on a “busy” Saturday night and checked out The Four Feathers. A few hours later I came out of a theater with a hundred reasons to love the film and about a hundred more reasons to hate it.

Harry Faversham (Ledger) has it all. He is a high-ranking military officer, and just recently became engaged. But when his company is sent to battle, Harry decides that he cannot go. Deserting his lifelong friends he leaves the military and plans to become happily married and live a normal life. But his friends find his act cowardly and make sure that they let him know about it. They each send him a white feather, the feather of cowardice, before they head off to war. Harry can’t live with being called a coward, and so he follows his friends to war without them knowing. Disguised as a slave for the army Harry comes to the aid of his friends when they need it the most, and saves each one of them from death proving that he is not a coward to himself and the people around him.

The film has a great plotline and a colorful cast of characters that make the film worth checking out. However, although I have not seen it, I know that this is a remake and from what I have heard the original was far better. I’m assuming that I would probably agree. Sure the story is there, but the actors are lacking something. I didn’t feel ledger had it all together in this one (but then again I never do). He is growing as an actor every day, but this teen heartthrob is just that. It’s going to take him a while to stray away from that and prove himself as an actor. This is one step in the right direction and I feel with time he will gain my respect. Wes Bently was very impressive in this film. He played his role to a near perfection, very convincing, and a joy to watch on the screen. Kate Hudson was there just as a pretty face. Nothing really made her stand out in my mind as doing anything great. They could have cast any Hollywood actress to play the spot, so I’m not seeing any awards for The Four Feathers heading in her direction.

However when all’s said and done, I still highly recommend the film. It seems a little lengthy in spots, but all in all keeps your attention. I’d watch it again without thinking twice, meaning that it has some redeeming qualities to it. It’s not the best thing in the world, but it’s probably one of the better choices at the box office this week, considering September is such a slow month for movies.

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