Serving Sara

A Film Review By Jason L. King

Rating:Rated PG-13 for crude humor, sexual content and language. Also rated this due to the possibility that it may rot your brain away in less 13 min. or less.
Starring: Matthew Perry, Elizabeth Hurley, Bruce Cambell, Cedric the Entertainer.
Directed By:Reginald Hudlin

Final Grade:

When I found out that I had the great pleasure of writing a review for the movie Serving Sara you can imagine how excited I was. The reviews I had heard were all bad and I don’t think I found any good review of it except for one of those 13 year old girls on IMDB that write things like the following:

I thought this movie was a great one. Matthew Perry didn’t disappoint me, and neither did Elizabeth Hurley, although she is not the best actress for the job. :) All the jokes were funny. The only thing I agree with is that Matthew Perry will not be able to leave the mindset of Chandler Bing.

Thank you little girl, but your review is crap. Remind me to come find you and flog you for saying such a stupid thing. The world is dumber for having read your review.

I realized though that sometimes the critics on the IMDB are worse critics than I am, so I decided that it couldn’t be that bad could it? My next source of info was fellow Box Office Boredom Reviewer, Michael Haley. Michael hates most things, and normally his opinion doesn’t really matter, but I asked him anyway. His point of view was the only movie that has been worse this year was Ballistic: Ecks Vs. Sever Which was my other choice to preview at North Grand 5. After realizing that either way I was destined to watch a bad movie this week, I fired up the projector and started watching Serving Sara, hoping that by the end I wouldn’t want that hour and half of my life back.

Serving Sara is a simple comedy story. Joe (Matthew Perry) is supposed to serve Texas sweetheart Sara Moore divorce papers for her husband, Gordon (Bruce Campbell). But when Joe meets her, she offers him a deal he can’t refuse. He and Sara take off to find Gordon and serve him the divorce papers before anyone else tries to serve them to Sara. If they get away with it, she promises him a million dollars. This leads into a change of events that involves a series of supposed humorous events, and a budding romance between Joe and Sara.

Back in the day, I remember people going goo-goo over the TV show “Friends”. I’ve never been a fan of sitcoms, except maybe “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” but I assure you that’s only because of some strange obsession with Melissa Joan Hart. My personal life aside, what I am trying to say is that I have seen a total of 4 episodes of “Friends” in my lifetime. The few I did see were quasi-enjoyable, but I never understood the hype. Matthew Perry’s character, Chandler, was the only entertaining part of the show, and his dry sense of humor can be funny, in small doses. Unfortunately, Perry takes this dry humor over the edge in Serving Sara. By the time I made it through the first 2 reels, I was losing respect for Perry. Every joke, got worse and worse until it eventually it led to bad puns about masturbating a bull for artificial insemination. It became just tacky and bad. I’m glad that Perry still has “Friends” to fall back on for at least one more season, because by making film like this, he is on a straight path to the Hollywood Gutter, with Alex Winter. (Who is Alex Winter you ask? Come on, you remember Bill S. Preston for Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure right? Of course you do, but where is he now? )

Then we have Elizabeth Hurley, a lovely woman to watch, and in most cases a decent actress, but when given a bad plot and even worse dialogue, we have to just stare at her in awe. Well director Reginald Hudlin never gave us any good camera angles for us to gawk at her, so he basically put Elizabeth Hurley on the side burner. What a waste, and what a shame for all the men in the world, who are trapped in the theaters with their “Chandler loving” girlfriends.

Hudlin even tries to pull in Bruce Campbell to try and make his movie a little better. Well Bruce Campbell, although everyone loved him in the Evil Dead series, (Come on every one loves them! “They are so witty and violent and the soundtracks kick f***ing @ss!- ” -High Fidelity Quote) But Campbell’s character as an unfaithful cattle rancher was just plain stupid. He spoke with an awful Texas accent, insulted the “Texas Culture” with bad satire, and looked like a moronic looking Mel Gibson in a cowboy hat. What a waste of another fun to watch actor.

When the credits rolled, I wanted that hour and half of my life back. Never have I felt this way about a movie since I watched Lucky Numbers with John Travolta. It wasn’t that I hated every second of it, it was just the type of movie I know I don’t like, filled with a bad plot, bad dialogue, bad humor and a waste of quality actors. It was just bad, with a few humorous parts. Sure I could watch it again, but you’d have to pay me. The Serving Sara poster will be hitting my “Movie Poster Wall of Shame” in the near future, and hopefully will quickly disappear from North Grand as quickly as it arrived. If it does, I may be able to salvage what little respect I have for Matthew Perry, Bruce Campbell and Elizabeth Hurley at least until they all churn out the next upsetting pile of crap Hollywood calls a movie…

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