Master of Disguise

A Film Review By Jason L. King

Rating:Rated PG for some mild language and crude humor
Starring: Dana Carvey
Directed By:Perry Andelin Blake

Final Grade:

Master of Disguise was former SNL’s Dana Carvey’s return to the big screen. His attempt however missed the boat completely. The once loved Garth from Wayne’s World, tries to make it again in a generation that is old enough to remember Garth yet will not love Carvey for his previous works. Master of Disguise just may be the end for Dana Carvey.

Master of Disguise is the story of Pistachio Disguise, a young man who comes from a long line of disguise masters. His father kept him from the truth for years, so he would not be forced to follow the “dangerous life of a disguise master” But when his father is kidnapped, Pistachio receives a visit from his Grandfather who trains him in the family secret trade in order to save his family from an evil villain who wants to use Pistachio’s father as a thief for hire.

I’m not really even sure where to start with this film. To be honest, I’m not even sure what it was aimed for. The film is littered with bad references to past movies and songs that only an adult would understand, but in the same turn makes itself into a kids movie, with terrible humor such as cow pies, rubber snakes, and the reoccurring toilet humor joke. Add all of that with Bad cameo appearances by Jesse Ventura, Jessica Simpson, and Michael Johnson, and you end up with a movie that makes you want to spoon out your own eyeballs instead of viewing it. Dana Carvey is a funny man, and I will not try to oppress him for his latter day sins. I have always been a fan of Garth but I have to say no to Pistachio.

Now sure, the film can not be looked at in a manner that is life changing. It wasn’t meant for that. And since some people think I hate everything, which I do, I guess I could say it’s a mildly bad comedy. A lot of times, a good comedy doesn’t need a good plot at all, just a general direction. But Master of Disguise lacked in spots even a direction. If you enjoyed movies such as Zoolander then you might find some humor in this one, but Master of Disguise makes Zoolander look like the film of the year.

After watching this movie at 3 am, I thought about giving it a good grade, but honestly I can’t. I realized later, that I was laughing at the movie, not with the movie. That kind of humor has its time and place I guess, but if I wanted blatant stupidity Kung Pow was more original stupidity for your buck. Sorry Dana, but I can’t let you pass this time. If I was Dana Carvey, I’d use my new found skills as a disguise master and try to hide from the world until I made a film that is much much better.

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