Men in Black 2

A Film Review By Jason L. King

Rating:Rated PG-13 for some language, sci-fi action and brief violence
Starring: Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Lara Flynn Boyle, Johnny Knoxville
Directed By:Barry Sonnenfeld

Final Grade:

Way back earlier in the summer, I wrote this very nice review of Men in Black II. But unfortunately, the MIB found out about it and told me that I could not print it months later. Wait no. That didn’t happen. What really happened was that aliens came down and swiped it off the ISU server before the Men In Black could stop them. No wait. It didn’t quite happen that way either. It did disappear off the ISU server, but whether it was taken off by the Men in Black, swiped by aliens or ummm…errr- deleted by a webmaster, well the world may never know. But since Men in Black II is playing at North Grand 5 for the next few weeks, I decided to once again whip up a short but sweet review for Men in Black II. So gather ‘round boys and girls as we once again revisit Men in Black II

Men in Black II is the story of everyone’s two favorite Government Agents, Agent J (Will Smith) and Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) as they return to action. (Side note: Agents J and K… My initials. Coincidence? I think not!) The only problem is that agent K was neuralized at the end of the first Men in Black film. Agent J has been doing well on his own, but when the alien, Serleena played by the lovely, Lara Flynn Boyle and her minion, Scrad (Johnny Knoxville) return to earth in search of an ancient alien relic. J, knowing that the only man who can help him stop Serleena is his former friend and fellow Agent K, seeks out his old partner, and deneuaralizes him. Together again, J and K return to action protecting earth from the other planet’s scum.

In my extended review of old, I’m sure that I stated this with much more grace and charm, but Men in Black II is what I like to call a “popcorn flick.” It’s nothing great, just like popcorn yet everyone loves to eat it. The characters and plot are dry and bland and the same old things we have seen again and again and again. In fact Smith and Jones nearly sleepwalk through their roles, and they easily get away with it since the plot closely follows the plot of the original. But it’s the simplistic humor, the cheesy yet fun special effects and the all around “fun” that acts as the “buttery topping” on this popcorn flick. Having seen the original, it was the old inside jokes, and additions such as Frank, the talking Alien Dog, that made the film a pleasure to watch, amidst it’s repetition.

The problem with Men in Black II is that just like popcorn it gets old after a while. Popcorn is great all the way through the movie, but after it’s gone you’re hunger is still unsatisfied. Men in Black II was kind of the same way. Sure I enjoyed it while I was there, but afterwards, I kind of felt like I missed out on the main course, and wanted something more fulfilling.

So boys and girls, what did you learn from your old pal Jason, and your favorite box office boredom critic? Was it that Men in Black II was bad? No! I hope not! It was meant for that fun lighthearted entertainment value and it does just that. I know that it is nothing I will rush back to theaters to see again and again, but it’s worth a viewing, especially if you enjoyed the original.

So in the end, what am I trying to say? It’s simple. Head to North Grand 5 (cheap plug #1) pay the $1 (or $0.50 on Wednesday (cheap plug #2)) buy some popcorn and enjoy the film. Just don’t analyze it afterwards, or you’ll want your time back.

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