Mr. Deeds

A Film Review By Jason L. King

Starring: Adam Sandler, Winona Ryder, John Turturro
Directed By: Steven Brill
Rated: Rated PG-13 for language including sexual references, and some rear nudity

Final Grade:

Longfellow Deeds is a small town guy. One of them down to earth, good natured hometown boys who never made it out of his backyard let alone into the real world. Fortunately for Deeds, someone else closely related to him has. But when his filthy rich relative passes away, he leaves Deeds with 40 Billion Dollars. Deeds quickly learns that there are good people and bad people in the world as he is being tricked out of his inheritance by an associate, and as his face appears on the news due to dating a news reporter who he thinks is a lovely school nurse.

Adam Sandler has played the same role in every film. The good natured, good hearted boy, who is really a mentally handicapped child trapped in a man’s body. The good thing is that this works for him. Fans eat this stuff up like cake. Sandler never has to venture out far beyond his Billy Madison shadow for at least the next 20 years. Mr. Deeds, follows the Billy Madison suit, with the same type of character we have seen Sandler develop into over the years. It’s kind of sad, since Sandler just may be a fairly talented actor if given a chance, but the real question is who will give it to him, and if they would give him a chance, would Sandler do it? I just hope someday soon Sandler steps out and tries something new. Pretty soon his childish 5 year old act won’t cut it anymore. Audiences just aren’t very receptive of 60 year old men who’s only claim to fame is saying gibberish like “Abbey Doobie” on the big screen.

Mr. Deeds as a whole was a decent flick. Sure it had a pointless plot, cookie cutter characters, and some pretty lousy puns, but all in all it shouldn’t surpirse you that much since it is a Sandler flick. Adam Sandler has a knack for playing that cookie cutter good natured boy, and so this flick fit well for him. I was told that it was based off of a movie that was made almost Decades ago, but don’t quote me on it, since I have never investigated this myself. Somehow this flick seemed to have Sandler written all over it, and the fact that it is a remake is hard to believe.

So what is my final verdict on Mr. Deeds? Overall not that bad. It’s worth the money you would pay to see it on a Saturday afternoon, or worth the $6.25 if you were too young to make it into an R rated movie (for all you youngins out there). It’s definately no movie of the summer, and its not going to be a box office smash but its worth checking out if you get some time.

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