Minority Report

A Film Review By Jason L. King

Starring: Tom Cruise, Colin Farell
Directed By: Steven Speilberg
Rated: PG-13 for violence, drug use and language

Final Grade:

The department of Precrime, has learned to stop murder before it can ever start. There hasn’t been a murder in years, and the system is deemed perfect. Problem is, nothing in this world or the futuristic world is perfect. Except for maybe this film.

Minority Report is the story of John Anderton (Tom Cruise). Anderton is a cop, who lost his son in a kidnapping, and his wife by trying to cope with his son’s loss through a drug addiction. The year is 2054, and Anderton is a member of the Department of Precrime, and organization that through the help of 3 mysterious Precogs are able to see the future and stop murder before it can start. But just before the near perfect organization they call Precrime goes National, a young investigator (Colin Farrell) begins to look through the system to try and find flaws. Anderton soon after finds a flaw. The precogs predict that he will commit murder.

Anderton runs, trying to find out who set him up or if it is a set up at all. It’s a race against time as we watch the story unfold. Will Anderton find out who set him up before his former co-workers find him? Who set him up, or was he even set up at all?
I can’t say enough about this film. I loved every minute of it. Based off a short Story written in the 1950’s by sci-fi author Phillip K. Dick, we get to see both Spielberg and Cruise at their best in this film. Spielberg takes everything he had going for him in last years A.I. and takes it to the next level visually in this movie. The camera work and effects are brilliant. This is the type of work we all know Spielberg is capable of, we just rarely see. He was able to take a 32-page short story and turn it into a beautifully scripted and plot and bring a Phillip K. dick’s futuristic world to life.

Is it worth the cash? Sure. After reading the short story, I was quick to pick out differences; things that were added in but it only enhanced the story even more. The sci-fi fan will love it, and it has something for even the non-traditional sci-fi fan as well. Overall a well-rounded great film that keeps me excited about the rest of the big summer blockbusters. So if you get a chance flock to the theaters, jump in those lines and check out Minority Report. You’ll be glad you did.

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