Lilo and Stitch

A Film Review By Jason L. King

Starring: Daveigh Chase, Chris Sanders, Kevin McDonald
Directed By: Chris Sanders
Rated: Rated PG for mild sci-fi action

Final Grade:

Over 17 years ago, Chris Sanders had an idea. His idea was the story of a space creature named Experiment 626, an alien that although cuddly had the ability to destroy cities. Since he couldn’t actually create one himself, and because he works for Disney, years later we find Experiment 626 come to life on the big screen. In this summer’s long awaited Animated feature Lilo and Stitch.

For months we have seen 626 invade many of our old Disney Classics. We have seen him appear in clips of Aladdin, the Lion King and Beauty and the Beast. Who is 626? The lovable blue character known as Stitch. After months of wondering who is Stitch, it’s now time to find out.

Stitch (or 626) is an alien that crash lands in Hawaii. There he meets a young girl named Lilo, who is an outcast among her friends. Lilo adopts stitch thinking that he is a dog, and the two of them learn from each other lessons about love, respect, family and caring for others.

Sounds so warm and cuddly you want to barf right? Amazingly no. Stitch is the most evil little creature I have ever met. (Except maybe a 2 year old who consumed way too much caffeine) Our other character Lilo is a mouthy, snot nose little girl who is best known for brawling and scrapping amongst her friends. When Lilo is threatened to be taken away from her legal guardian it’s through a series of event, Lilo learns that she and Stitch are alike: nothing but trouble.

So is the movie worth the cash? Sure is. Although this isn’t the movie that will bring Disney back to superstardom once again, Lilo and Stitch is a good solid film. There seemed to be plenty of good ideas and some good morals in it. Stitch is easy to fall in love with, and Lilo although annoying has the cute little girl appearance, which makes it easy to forgive her for being annoying at times. The one thing this film does have is emotion. There are many emotional high points and low points in the film, and the audience is taken on an emotional journey with the two characters. That is important because it adds so much more to the film, which is something that I haven’t felt from Disney in a long time.
My Verdict: Makes Atlantis look worse than Rollerball (…maybe it was though….)

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