About a Boy

A Film Review By Jason L. King

Starring: Hugh Grant
Directed By: Chris Weitz

Final Grade:

Sitting back and examining my life I began to realize something. Since I started working at a movie theater, I hate everyone. Don’t get me wrong there are people I like but I try and be fair and hate everyone equally. Why is that I ask? Is it because I am a self indulged jerk who only looks out for number one, or has it been because of the millions and millions of George Lucas worshipers (aka Star Wars Fans) that have crossed my path in the last few weeks. About A Boy is a story of such a self-indulged jerk. Hugh Grant plays the role of a man who has no job, and lives off the royalties of a one hit wonder Christmas song. He feels his life is complete. He has no problem filling his day with useless pleasures, and a lifetime of entertainment in front of the TV screen. But when he decides to look for love, it leads him to a single parents group where he meets a troubled young boy. The boy attaches himself to Grant and the two of them learn about the true important things in life.

This film was based off of a book by Nick Hornby. For many of you the name of this British author may mean nothing to you, but for those of you who are fans of High Fidelity like I am you may find it interesting that too was written by Hornby. Hugh Grant does a wonderful job of carry out the intended emotions and spirit of Hornby’s book just as Cusack did in High Fidelity. The plot is simple, yet it has such a colorful cast of characters, each of them well cast. I wasn’t sure at first of Hugh Grant’s ability to play this part when I first heard of the film, however he was an overall shocker on the screen.

Unfortunately, Grant will have his spotlight stolen from him because of bad timing. They should have known better than to bring this film out during a time when Star Wars and Spiderman were coming out. By the time the hype from those two movies have settled, Grant’s wonderful new flick will be headed to discount theaters. It’s sad really, because this is easily a shoo in for one of the better films I’ve seen so far this season.

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