A Film Review By Jason L. King

Starring: Richard Gere, Diane Lane, Oliver Martinez
Directed By: Adrian Lyne
Rated: Rated R for sexuality, language and a scene of violence

Final Grade:

When I was younger I used to have this dream that someday I would become Richard Gere, not because I thought Gere was a good actor, but instead i just wanted to know what it would feel like to be involved in so many mediocre roles, that I wouldn’t know how I could live with myself.

Unfaithful made it to the big screen this week, and overall, it will be yet another easily forgotten about films. Partially due to the fact that it comes out between two of the biggest movies of the spring season (Spider-man and Star Wars) But also because it just plain doesn’t have it all together. Diane Lane, although a very attractive older woman is young woman we unfortuantely will not be seeing much more of in the near future since her career will soon be ending before it starts. The director of this film has brought you films such as Fatal Attraction so it is nice to see that he is finally branching out. (Note: SARCASM)

Gere wasn’t terrible in this film as he played the roll of a man who learns his wife is cheating on him with a mysterious foreign book dealer, who speaks with an accent that would woo even the most devoted wife into his arms. Gere then is left with the decision to either confront his wife or ignore it, and then learn to deal with the consequences.

Unfaithful has potential to be a great film. Overall, I liked it. The ending is one that leaves you wondering. Leaves the viewer at a crossroads making you decide what you think was going to happen. Make no mistake the director wanted it that way. There is no clear answer. But that only adds to the film. Surprisingly enough, I think this film is worth your time. Maybe not on the big screen, but check it out when it hits video stores.

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