A Film Review By Jason L. King

Starring: Toby McGuire, Kirsten Dunst, Willem Dafoe
Directed By: Sam Rami
Rated: PG-13 for intense battle sequences and some sexuality
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Final Grade:

“Great Power comes with Great Responsibility.” This week opens Spiderman world wide, and unless you have been living in a cardboard box for the last 10 months of the year, you probably already knew that. Everyone’s favorite webslinging hero has finally made it to the box office in a full-length live action movie.
For those of you, who have spent more than the last 10 months of your life in a box and are asking who is Spiderman let me try to give you a quick summary. For the rest of you who do know forgive me for the waste of space. Spiderman, AKA Peter Parker( Tobey Maguire), is the nerdy high school kid. He works for the school paper as a photographer, and is the butt of everyone’s jokes until he is bitten by a radioactive spider during a school field trip. Now, most of the time when you go through puberty, strange things happen to your body, but for Peter it was different. His body embraced spiderlike qualities, giving him the abilities to walk on walls, incredible strength, and webslinging. He realizes that this “great power” must mean that he should use it to fight crime and protect the world, all while being trying to be a struggling photographer, and chase after the girl of his Dreams Mary Jane Watson. But when a deranged Scientist, Norman Osbourne (Willam DeFoe) is losing everything he creates the Green Goblin, to destroy the world and those who oppose him. When no one else can defeat him, it’s up to one man, Spiderman.

Now that I just tried to sum up the entire movie in a paragraph and if you are still reading, and not thinking I am incompetent, well here’s the rest of the review. Spiderman = Good! That’s right. Tobey Maguire was the perfect choice for Peter Parker, able to pull off both the roles of the nerdy, insecure Parker and the daring action hero. I was thoroughly impressed. I couldn’t have asked for more. Willam DeFoe, who played the Green Goblin, was awesome and I loved every second of his on the screen. There is just something about him that adds so much to the film and makes it great.

Now one of the things I have heard everyone is worried about was “Is Spiderman going to be all Special effects and no plot?” The answer is a surprising no. There was a plot, and it was laid out very well. The movie was amazingly not all special effects and action sequences, and the sequences we did get to see only made the film better. Costuming was just as great as the characters. Granted, the green goblin’s costume is a lot more robotic-like than the comic book lovers will remember, it still does it’s job and overall looks pretty good. Mary Jane (Kirsten Dunst) doesn’t need a good costume to make her look good in this movie. There is something about her with red hair that makes it worth your $6 ticket for that alone.

Now for the problems with the film. Were there any? Yes, with any film leave it to me to find you the flaws. An important part of Spiderman was the idea of webslinging. And for those of you who remember the comic books, if Spiderman ran out of “webbing cartridges” then that was a big thing in development of the plot. The movie completely forgot about them. In the film Peter Gains the ability for his body to make webs, and does not need the web shooters that were made famous in the comic book. This was a little annoying, but the rest of the movie made up for it. Now many of you may remember the very first preview for the Spiderman movie had him stopping a group of terrorists in the world trade center. If you don’t you can download the trailer off my site by going to the movie of the week page (This week only). Anyhow, due to the September 11th Incident that entire sequence was taken out. I guess some people might frown upon terrorism at the world trade center. Well, as every movie is doing, Spiderman followed suit by promoting patriotism instead. The end of the movie is a 3-second clip of Spiderman on top of a building flying a great big American flag. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-American, it just seemed a bit hokey to me. But overall it didn’t take anything from the movie.

So what is my final verdict on Spiderman? Well worth the $6.25 and I highly suggest you check it out. I’ve heard a lot of X-men fans saying that Spiderman could never be better than the X-men movie, sorry guys I think you are wrong. Go get your tickets stand in line, and be prepared for a great flick.

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