Jason X

A Film Review By Jason L. King

Starring: Kane Hodder, Lexia Doig, Chuck Campbell
Directed By: James Isaac
Rated: Rated R for strong horror violence, language and some sexuality

Final Grade:

Jason Voorphes is back and once again a killing machine. When a group of space travelers come across a ship of the past, they find two people frozen inside. Realizing that they could thaw them out and hopefully learn more about the past, they thaw them out, only to find out that by doing so they will never make it home alive.

Jason X was bad. Plain and simple. Movies 12 didn’t even get it. It’s been rumored that Varsity II will get it, but even that is unsure. I was lucky enough to see a screener copy so I could laugh my ass off in the privacy of my own home. I know the Jason series is supposed to be trashy, no polt slasher films, but there is a line that some people didn’t just step over, but instead ran over it and kept going forward. I’m also convinced that a sign of a bad movie in a series is when they put them in space. Think about it. Muppets in Space. Leprachaun 4: Lepracaun in space… ect. Now chalk up one more bad movie, Jason X. Jason in space. Even the special effects are horrid. Most of the movie relies on suspense that just isn’t there. You never see any actual deaths, just a few off screen screams, and assumed deaths. Had they spent some more money on that rather than the explosions, it might not have been that bad. Still horrid, but not that bad.

Jason X isn’t worth the $6.25 even if you found it on the street. If someone bought me a ticket for it, or if I found a ticket for it, instead of using it for a free movie, I’d return it to the box office for a refund. Jason X was bad, but hey it could be worse. What you don’t believe me? How about Scorpion King 3: Scorpion King in Space. See I guess it can get worse!

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