Changing Lanes

A Film Review By Jason L. King

Starring: Ben Affleck, Samuel L. Jackson
Directed By:Roger Michell
Rated: Rated R for language.

Final Grade:

Gavin Banek (Ben Affleck) is a young lawyer trying to make his way to the top. Doyle Gibson (Samuel L. Jackson) is a recovering alcoholic, trying to reunite with his family. When their paths cross during a traffic accident, Gavin leaves Doyle stranded alongside the road. But when Gavin realizes an important file is missing, he comes to find out Doyle possesses it, and is not going to give it back with out first teaching Gavin a lesson about leaving someone stranded.

Life can be somewhat ironic sometimes. Going into the film I was expecting good things. There were lots of reasons why but the main thing was Samuel L. Jackson. I’ve even over the years gained some respect for Ben Affleck, partially due to his roles in Kevin Smith Films. So, I went ahead, and said yeah I expect good things out of Changing Lanes. Ironically, the first time I say that about any movie in the last few weeks and I am nearly wrong. It’s also ironic that Samuel L. Jackson plays a recovering alcoholic… Last time I checked Hollywood news, wasn’t Affleck the recovering drunk? The plot seemed not there, and even the decent cast couldn’t make it work for them. Sure, it’s hard to make a film surrounding a freak traffic accident, but for the love of God, I expected a little more. The movie drags out for what seems like forever, and you begin to wonder if the two men will quit trying to prove which one has the bigger you know what, and just give in. And of course, compromising never makes a bit of sense to them, why not just try to out do each other in evil deeds? After all that is what makes sense, especially when your career and your life is at stake, right?

Like I stated in the above paragraph for me Changing Lanes was a movie of Irony. It was Ironic that I thought it would be good, and I didn’t like it but what’s even more ironic is that Changing Lanes reminded me of a bad car wreck, and it WAS about a car wreck. Just like a bad car wreck, it’s not a good sight, but for some reason you can’t turn away. You just keep starring until there is nothing else to stare at. Changing Lanes did the same for me on the big screen.

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