Van Wilder

A Film Review By Jason L. King

Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Tara Reid
Directed By: Walt Becker
Rated:Rated R for strong sexual content, gross humor, language and some drug content.

Final Grade:

Van Wilder (Ryan Reynolds) is the avaerage college guy. Interested, in sex, girls, and fun. The only problem is eventually the fun must end. When his father suddenly realizes that he has been in college for about 7 years and still doesn’t have a degree, He stops paying for school. Van is then left with find alternative means to compensate for school. But of course as in every movie there has to be that one girl that by chance that walks into his life, and as much as they hate each other, they find themselves not able to stay apart. (sounds sappy huh?) Well through a series of parties, college pranks, and a blooming relationship Van learns about himself and college life.

Looking back on what I just wrote, I’d almost say I made Van Wilder sound ike a sappy love story, with a mushy ending. Forget that. That is the plot for the movie, not just as mushy. Ryan Reynolds (2 Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place) and Tara Reid do a great job on the big screen, and I must say that this was possibly one of the biggest surprises in film that I have seen in a while. I have seen and heard numerous comments about how horrible Van Wilder would be, and how no one should go see that, but to be honest, I liked it. Sure, just like the typical college age genre of movies, its got it’s share of college “sex jokes” and even those scenes that are so gross you could live with out, but overall it was more humor than just sick joke after joke. I’d place it up there with the American Pie genre of movies. If you enjoyed that flick check this one out. Ryan Reynolds made this movie work. Without him they wouldn’t have had a good film, but instead a mediocre pile of crap. (They could have called it “Not another College Movie”) Reynolds might be one of the more under appreciated actors I know of at the time, but I hope to see just as good of things out of him in the future. He sure surprised me on this one.

Like I said I guess this was possibly the biggest surprise to me I have seen in a while. I was expecting nothing, yet I got a whole lot more. Praise to Van Wilder (..write that down..(don’t worry you’ll understand later) ) and Go check it out. The only problem I had with the entire flick is that they made fun of Van for staying in college for 7 years without a degree…I don’t see a problem with that, some days i think I am traveling down the same road!

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