The Rookie

A Film Review By Jason L. King

Starring: Dennis Quaid, Jay Hernandez, Brian Cox
Directed By: John Lee Hancock
Rated: G For Happy Disney stuff

Final Grade:

The Rookie is the story of one man who learns to follow his dream from a group of kids, and finds himself in the major leagues. Based on the True Story of Jim Morris, a former High School Science Teacher, who just also happens to have a 98 MPH fastball. Whn he promised his High Shcool Baseball team that he will try out for the majors if they start winning, he never expected to be trying out, let alone on a major league mound.

The Best way to describe this movie is DISNEY. It has it written all over it. Just as they managed to solve racism through football in Remeber the Titans, The Rookie is a “feel good” film. It’s rated G and everyone knows the story before it begins. Not saying that it wasn’t a great flick, but just overall didn’t hold up to being anything spectacular. Dennis Quaid does a decent job, but the movie overall needed some help on casting. Somehow for a high school baseball team, their opponents always looked like 30 year old men, and none of the supporting actors or atresses gave Quaid that extra boost to make his role stand out in my mind.

The Rookie wasn’t a bad movie, nor was it really good. I thought it was way too predictable, way to fake, and overall just way too good to be true. It is a great movie if you love baseball, and love the type of movies where you are told to follow your dreams, but the G rated Disney “Happily Ever After” Twist, just makes it slide from a great film to a good one.

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