Death To Smoochy

A Film Review By Jason L. King

Starring: Robin Williams, Edward Norton, Catherine Keener, Danny DeVito, Jon Stewart
Directed By: Danny DeVito
Rated: Rated R for language and sexual references

Final Grade:

Rainbow Randolph (Robin Williams) was at the pinnacle of his career in children’s television. And then he was placed under arrest. He finds himself losing everything, including his career to what he considers a second rate Children’s character, Smoochy the Purple Rhino (Edward Norton). Knowing that he can never beat out Smoochy and regain his spot in the spotlight of children’s television, he plots to kill him instead.

Death to Smoochy was quite possibly one of the cleverest dark comedies I have ever seen. The film was filled with one liners, and song that not only stayed in your head, but completely trashed on an entire past genre of children’s entertainment. Smoochy just so happens to look exact rip off of Barney the Dinosaur. Danny Devito does a wonderful job in directing this film, and I was amazed that something with such a pointless simplistic plot could be that entertaining. Edward Norton as always is a pleasure to see on the screen, as well as Robin Williams. The two of them paired together was brilliant. The satire in the story was well done, and the whole concept of giving children’s programming a dark underground twist is something only a man as twisted as Devito and friends could think of.

Death to Smoochy is my movie of the week. I’ll admit I am sucker for Edward Norton Movies, but this one is great. I have a feeling it will someday become one of those cult classics, but as for now just isn’t going to do well in the box office. Go check it out though, its worth a chance, and you’ll probably laugh a few times. If nothing else, the mere chance to reminisce the days of Barney the purple dinosaur and laugh at our past ideas of entertainment makes the movie worth all the while. I know Ebert hated the movie, and who knows maybe even the Toons guy too, but whom are you going to believe…Them or me? Yeah, I know you picked them, but I had to give it a shot….

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