A Film Review By Jason L. King

Starring: Eddie Murphy, Robert DeNiro, William Shatner
Directed By:Tom Dey
Rated: Rated PG-13 for action violence, language and some drug content

Final Grade:

The LAPD’s finest are on the case of guns dealer who is creating havoc in the streets. And only one show in the world of televison can bring it to you. Showtime. Through the eyes of two cops, A Dirty Harry, hardnose cop named Mitch Preston (Robert DeNiro), and the nonsense, loudmouth minority Trace Sellars (Eddie Murphy). The two of them together must crack the case, learn to deal with a TV crew following them, and prevent themselves from being killed by thier enemies, or better yet killing themselves.

Showtime was a very dry movie. The whole basis of the movie was to create a spoof of the ever famed and growing live action “reality TV” cop shows, but instead all it potrayed is one really bad joke. DeNiro’s dry humor is great but just doesn’t go well with Eddie Murphy’s non stop stupidity. The two of them seem to almost make each other look worse than they really are, or maybe the movie was just that bad. The ending leaves more to be desired, and the entire movie you get this feeling all they were really trying to do was rip off Rush Hour. Unfortunately, DeNiro no matter how hard he tries will never be able to fill Jackie Chan’s shoes, and the mere thought of comparing Eddie Murphy to Chris Tucker is a joke, just like the movie.

Overall The movie was an ok flick, it hads it’s decent parts, and seeing DeNiro even in a bad role can be a treat, but even being a DeNiro fan, I have to give this one a thumbs down. Save your money. If you want to see a bad Buddy movie, All about the Benjamins is still playing. Go check that out instead. They are about equally as good. The difference is you won’t lose as much respect for Ice Cube for acting in that movie as you do for DeNiro for acting in Showtime.

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