Ice Age

A Film Review By Jason L. King

Starring: Ray Romano, John Leguizamo, Denis Leary, Jack Black 
Directed By: Chris Wedge 
Rated: Rated PG for mild peril.

Final Grade: 

In the time of the Great Migration south, one group of misfits find their way to their destiny. Only they are headed in the opposite way. When Manford the Mammoth and Sid the Sloth stumble upon a small human child, the two of them decide to return it to its “human herd.” Along the way they meet a group of friends who help them, including a Saber tooth tiger named Diego and a nut loving squirrel named Scrat who help them complete the journey of a lifetime.

Ice Age was a decent flick. The voices were well cast, Ray Romano (Everybody Loves Raymond) Does a wonderful job as the Mammoth, and John Leguizamo only makes it better as the voice of Sid the sloth. Graphically it was a great film, up there with Monster’s Inc and Shrek. But unlike Shrek the movie is missing that appeal to all audiences, for it doesn’t have much to offer to the older audiences, except for Scrat trying to “protect his nuts” the entire movie. (you can take that however you like).

Overall, even though Ice Age won’t be able to compare with Shrek it was an over all good film. A perfect flick for younger kids, but has things that even a grown up could find amusing. If you don’t go in expecting greatness, Ice Age just could be your thing. So give it a shot, its probably one of the better movies that opened this weekend. 

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