40 Days and 40 Nights

A Film Review By Jason L. King

Final Grade:

In my near 21 years of existence, I can easily say I have gone 40 days and 40 nights without sex. Yes that probably goes for kissing, hugging, and other things such as that as well. It just wasn’t overly that hard. (You can take that however you want). So it was really hard for me to relate to Josh Harnett sex crazed character, but that is a different story all together.

As I stated above, 40 days 40 nights is the story of a sex crazed Josh Harnett that decides in order to get over his ex-girlfriend and enjoy sex again; he will give up anything sexual in his life for lent. This leads him on this wonderful journey where every woman in the world wants to have sex with him, as his friends make bets on how long he will last. Amongst all of this, he finds the true girl of his dreams, and has to make a choice between his own vows or the girl of his dreams.

So this is the part of the review that says it is heartwarming, loving, funny witty and great (just so I can become a true movie review guy) But I frankly can’t. The movie had its funny parts, but it had its downside as well. In all of my life, I have never been surrounded by that many hot girls who want to have sex with me. But then again, I am not Josh Hartnett, so that might explain a lot. But overall I just can’t give 40 days 40 nights a good review. It wasn’t overly funny, ovrly romantic, or overly good. Sorry girls, your beloved Josh just didn’t “put out” this time, and if you are the guy that got stuck going to this movie, at least there is enough nudity to tide you over for those 2 hours of your life you will never get back.

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