We Were Soldiers

A Film Review By Jason L. King

Starring: Mel Gibson, Greg Kinnear, Sam Elliott, Barry Pepper
Directed By: Randall Wallace
Rated: Rated R for sustained sequences of graphic war violence, and for language

Final Grade:

We Were Soldiers is the story of Colonel Hal Moore (Mel Gibson) and 400 elite soldiers, who are dropped into enemy terriory in Vietnam. Surrounded by nearly 2000 enemy soldiers this is the story of those brave men who fought for the love of their country, and for each other. The movie is a tribute to these men, and their bravery in one of the most savage battles in American History.

Directed by Randall Wallace (Braveheart) We Were Soldiers is another powerful and moving film. All though it starts off slow, Mel Gibson does a great job as Colonel Moore, and deserves a great deal of applause for such. Supporting Roles such as Sam Elliot, Barry Pepper and Madiline Stowe, only enhance Mel’s work on the screen. Unfortunately I found myself in another movie with Chris Klein. Let’s face it; the kid lacks talent. His pretty boy face can only last so long, and if he plans on lasting in Hollywood on his acting abilities in later life, he better start saving now. It’s painful to watch him on the screen, and his death may have been one of the happier points of the movie. Like I said, even though it starts slowly it has enough action in it, and that patriotic theme to it that grabs hold of an audience and refuses to let go.
I can’t say this movie is for everyone. It’s rather graphic and violent in spots (well violent in all spots, it’s a war movie) and something that not every fan will love. But for those of you who loved Braveheart then this movie is for you. And if you loved Mel Gibson in the Patriot, this movie is for you. Mel manages to rekindle that true “American spirit” in you once again. If you have to choose a movie from the list of ever growing “warfare genre” that is flooding the box office these days, put We were soldiers on your list. It’s worth you money and the 2 hours and 20 minutes in the theater.

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