A Film Review By Jason L. King

Starring: Kevin Costner, Kathy Bates
Directed By: Tom Shadyac
Rated: Rated PG-13 for thematic material and mild sensuality.

Final Grade:

So, I saw Dragonfly on opening weekend, and I never actually got around to writing a review for the site. So finally I get around to writing a review for what I thought was an excellent movie. I then got to read the Toons guy’s review and he said about what all the other critics said. It was horrible. Well fine all of you! Be that way, I happened to enjoy it.

Kevin Costner plays the role of a doctor, whose wife is killed while visiting another country. Costner tries to bury himself in his work, until he begins to think his wife is trying to communicate with him from beyond the grave. Eventually, after a strange set of happenings, Costner decides he must find out if his wife really is contacting him, or if he is just merely going insane.

The best way to describe this movie is a cross between the 6th Sense, What Lies Beneath and the Mothman Prophecies. Had the movie come out around the same time, it would have been a lot better film. However, in a world of people that are obsessed for years after by one silly fight scene in the matrix, but can’t for the life of them enjoy another flick like the 6th sense, Dragonfly just doesn’t make the final cut. If you get the chance to check it out, give it a try. Sure it may seem like Costner attempting to rip off previous movies, but then again what else are you going to do? I’d hate to think of you sitting at home on another dateless Friday night like Trevor dreaming of another Keanu Reeves gunfight.

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