A Film Review By Jason L. King

Starring: Jason Segel, Devon Sawa, Jason Schwartzman
Directed By: Dewey Nicks
Rated: Rated R for strong language and sexual content, and for brief drug use

Final Grade:

Cheating isn’t for everyone. It’s an acquired art. Slackers is the story of 3 college guys, who learn the ultimate way to pass school, and life is by cheating their way through it. But when they are finally caught and risk being expelled, they end up having to pull of the biggest scam of their life. Set up Ethan, the College Loser, with Angela, the most beautiful girl in school. In the process, one of them finds his true love in the eyes of Angela, and has to decide whether or not Angela is worth Letting the obssesive Ethan get him expelled from school.

Slackers was complete utter crap. The jokes were tasteless, and it was a near bore to sit through. I couldn’t believe I found myself watching this flick. I felt as though the movie spent too much time trying to establish itself with the “American Pie”, and “Road Trip” Genre of film that it forgot the most important part: Being a good piece of film. The acting was pretty much horrid, except for Jason Schwartzman as a crazed obsessive blackmailing freak. The plot left far more than to be desired, and overall I can’t imagine Slackers was even worth the film it was printed on.

My overall rating was it wasn’t worth the $1 I spent seeing it, and I really wouldn’t suggest it to you either. Sure it had it’s funny parts, and I admit I even laughed a few times. But overall the 10 seconds I laughed didn’t pay for the hour and a half that I wasted. Slackers by no means was a good film, and I don’t even think it could “cheat” it’s way into a good rating.
Verdict: Check it out if you are extremely bored or if that’s your only choice other than the presidential address to the nation ….

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