Birthday Girl

A Film Review By Jason L. King

Starring: Nicole Kidman, Ben Chaplin 
Directed By: Jez Butterworth 
Rated: R for sexuality and language.

Final Grade: 

Over the years, before meeting the most wonderful girl in the world, we used to joke that someday my friends would order me a bride from Russia. I’ve always laughed at the idea of it, and so when I found myself in a movie about such, It only brought back those silly high school jokes, that never quite made sense, yet were still remotely entertaining. But none of you want to hear about my personal life, so I’ll get on with my movie review.

Birthday Girl is the story of a young man named John. John (Ben Chaplin) Leads a typically ordinary life. He is known for his trustworthiness, as well as his dedication and hard work as a bank teller in his hometown. Everything in his life is stable, everything except for his love life. John decides the only way to fix this problem is with a mail order Russian Bride. His choice, is Nadia (Nicole Kidman) who even though is not quite what he expected, turns out to be more than he ever imagined. But when Nadia tells him that it is her Birthday, and she invited some mysterious friends over, John’s small time life gets flipped upside down, and he is take on an adventure he never expected.

Birthday Girl was an excellent film. Nicole Kidman overall played a great role, and showed off her ever-growing talent as an actress. It makes me think that everyday she stays away from Tom Cruise, the better off she will be. Kudos to her on another outstanding role. I felt as though I was missing something from Chaplin however, I just couldn’t quite connect with him. Overall the movie had its wit to it. It had enough to its story line, to add a strange twist, make you laugh (while still in disbelief) and then end in a “happy” ending. Overall I found it a very well made film.

If you are in the mood to go see some quality cinema, and you have the choice between this or something as pitiful as Rollerball or Time Machine, this film hands down is for you. It isn’t a movie I will stand up and praise, but it was highly entertaining. And besides, if you live in Ames Iowa, It is playing at the $1 theater, this week (March 8-15) so how could you go wrong? Check it out Its worth the $1. After all what would you spend the money on? After seeing this movie, lets hope not a mail order bride. 

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