Behind Enemy Lines

A Film Review By Jason L. King

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Since the September 11th one can’t help but notice the plethora of movies flooding the box offices promoting patriotism and heroism in times of war, terrorism and unjust actions. It’s almost enough to make even the patriotic movie lover want to vomit. Believe me when I tell you behind Enemy Lines is one of those movies. You don’t want to vomit because you know there are worse movies, but even their horridness in full can’t make Behind Enemy Lines into a top-notch flick.

Owen Wilson tries his hand at an action flick, starring as a Navy pilot who crashes lands in enemy territory. It’s up to His superior officer (Gene Hackman) to get to him before the opposing troops and mercenaries reach him first. Through out the movie you ask yourself why am I sitting through this? Gene Hackman, all though a great actor can’t make this movie into a success, and I can guarantee you that Owen Wilson doesn’t stand a chance. His typical Slapstick humor isn’t something that can be used in this one. There were a few attempts, although it made the movie looks like more of a joke than it already was. Mix that in with some sub par special effects and you get Behind Enemy Lines. Just another stab at the patriotic genre that is drawing the box office crowd. 

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