I am Sam

A Film Review By Jason L. King

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Seeing the preview for I am Sam I felt as though it was going to be one of those movies that were very good, yet would go under appreciated at the box office. Due to my busy schedule it took me a while to go and see it, but I’m glad I finally got the chance to see it. It is the story of Sam a mentally handicapped man who wants to raise his daughter after her mother leaves the two of them alone. But his plans are changed when Social service workers take her away from him saying that he can’t raise a child that has a higher mental capacity than he does. Of course the determined Sam finds a struggling lawyer who takes his case pro bono. In the end the two of them learn the importance of family and love.
I know, I know it sounds all pretty and mushy and stuff and well to be honest, it is. You can guess the ending before you sit down in the seat but its one of those movies you’ll want to see anyway. Just an all around good thing I guess. So yeah check it out if you get a chance. 

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